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If you don’t want to drain your bank account by purchasing a full e-bike, or you just don’t have room for one more bike in your stable, then take a look at the PikaBoost by LIVALL. It’s a compact e-bike conversion kit that attaches to your conventional bike’s seatpost and uses an integrated 234Wh battery and a 250W motor and controller that weighs 6.6 pounds in total. The PikeBoost’s small rubber wheel makes contact with your rear wheel for an instant power boost. It installs and uninstalls quickly for fast removal, swapping, and storage. The unit is IP66 waterproof for great rain protection, has an 18-mile range in full-electric assistance mode, and can reach speeds up to 21 mph. It even has regen braking properties that permit it to self-charge. Who needs to spend serious coin to get an e-bike? Not you.

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