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Nothing will replace the original Land Rover Defender. Basic, brawny, and built like a tank, it’s a legend in off-roading. Himalaya has taken the 4-door 110 and made it all Bruce-Wayne-ee.
The Spectre has gained a short bed thanks to some body modifications and is clad in gunmetal gray with ample black trim, including 18″ gloss black Sawtooth Alloy wheels, an enormous grille guard, full exterior cage, and a bed mount tire carrier. The ride has been lifted 4 inches, and underneath it all are Fox Performance Shocks and an Extreme Currie Hi-Flex Suspension. Under the hood is a new 6.2-liter LS3 Corvette engine good for 525 horsepower. There’s also no shortage of interior creature comforts that include two-tone Ruskin Leather Recaro seats that match the body, a MOMO leather steering wheel, and a custom audio system with an Alpine HALO touchscreen.

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