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Biking provides freedom like no other mode of transportation, but sometimes you want to rest somewhere other than the saddle or the side of the road when you want a break from pedaling or when you’re just done for the day. Bernhard Sobotta created the Cercle bike in order to provide seating and even overnight accommodations that fold into the bike, itself. The Cercle bike has what’s known as the CampingCompanion. The seat/platform/table deploys from a vertical position in the frame and drops down on a two-legged kickstand. The chair can recline and mates with an eating table. The seat back can fold flat to create a cot for sleeping. The unconventional handlebars sit at the top of the table frame and connect via steering cables. Sobotta has ridden his prototype 621 miles without issue, and he hopes to refine it, even including a tent shelter. His second set of prototypes will be used for a round-the-world trip, and a crowdfunding campaign for production will start next year, as well.

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