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Audi recently revealed their new Skysphere Concept vehicle. While we already refuse to believe this particular four-wheeled rolling work of art will ever see production, we’re absolutely in love with it because it has everything we want in a concept vehicle. The lines and overall silhouette are incredible to the point of almost being uncomfortable. It doesn’t have a roof. The doors open in a weird way. The wheel and tire package is enormous and completely impractical. The dashboard is composed of more screens than you’d find pretty much anywhere outside of NORAD in the 80s. Oh yeah, and it also has a self-drive mode that retracts the steering wheel and pedals at the click of a button so you can fully enjoy the ride. If they were going to make another Christian Bale/Chris Nolan Batman movie, this is the car Bruce Wayne would be seen driving throughout (they even pre-shot the promo pics in the garage, for the record) because it’s just that kind of vehicle. That scenario will likely never happen, but we’re really hoping that Audi makes at least one of these because we’d love to see what a production model of this vehicle is capable of–even if it never leaves the Concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach.


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