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In what could be the best combination of drinking and driving, the Aston Martin DBX pays homage to a renowned single malt Scotch distillery. The special edition luxury crossover has the same 542-horsepower twin-turbo V8 engine capable of sending the DBX Bowmore to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds, but there are special trim bits inside and out that distinguish it from the already decadent standard DBX. There are copper highlights above the front fender vents and throughout the interior, including the center console, door sills, cupholders, and seat trim. The metal inlays on the sides strakes come directly from Bowmore whisky stills. Pretty cool, eh? The tweed interior trim actually comes directly from an Islay Woolen Mill located on Loch Indaal, where Bowmore is situated. The subtle Bowmore Blue is the standard paint color, but you can also order it in Xenon Grey. Only 18 of these will be made, and fortunate buyers of this $200k+ DBX will pick it up in Edinburgh and drive through Scotland and then ferry to Islay to experience Bowmore for themselves, including a bottle of very pricey 39-year old whisky that they’ll fill themselves right right from the cask. Sorry, for a second we forgot about the car.


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