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Zeekr 009 Electric Minivan

Zeekr 009 Electric Minivan

Unless we’re hauling kids or tons of gear, we usually give the thumbs-down to minivans. But we could get behind the Zeekr 009. Not only does it provide an astounding 511 miles of range, but it also has some of the best styling ever brought to a wheeled breadbox. There are two electric motors that power both sets of wheels. The result is a 0-60 mph run of only 4.5 seconds, no doubt aided by the minuscule 0.27 coefficient of drag. The Zeekr 009 has a truly luxurious interior with first-class airline-like seats with flip-out tables in the second row, so there’s no reason not to get chauffeured around. The Zeekr 009 will only be sold in China, unfortunately.

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