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Winnebago e-RV Concept

Winnebago e-RV Concept

Electrification isn’t just for mainstream automobiles. Winnebago thinks an EV RV is just the way to go, and we’d have to agree. Their e-RV uses a Ford Transit van as its base and then employs eLighting Motors 86kW battery pack and 350-volt and 110-volt electrical systems. The 350-volt circuit juices up big electric consumption appliances, and the 110-volt manages the lower-consumption items like the induction cooktop and the refrigerator. It also includes the use of sustainable materials such as rubberized cork flooring and wool wall trim that also insulates the cabin. Range right now is about 125 miles on a full 45-minute DC Fast Charge of 25 minutes. It’s only in concept form right now, but it could become a reality someday.

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