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Volcon Brat eBike

Volcon Brat eBike

Stealthy and minimalist all at once, the new Volcon Brat is an urban-focused ebike that weighs in at a mere 86lbs. It uses the brand’s Exo-Arch chassis and combines it with a fully adjustable inverted fork and rear monoshock. The Brat is powered by a 750W motor and a 48-volt battery. The range is 70 miles and charging takes 6 to 7 hours on a standard 110 outlet. The Brat reaches a maximum speed of 28 mph. It also gets Shimano componentry, lighting in front and rear, hydraulic brakes, fork guards, 20” spoked wheels, 4” LED display with Blueltooth connectivity to the Volcon app, and a USB charging port. It can even handle some mild off-roading in case you need to take that shortcut due to traffic. You can reserve yours now for delivery in November.

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