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Vanmoof S5 & A5 Dark Grey E-Bikes

Vanmoof S5 & A5 Dark Grey E-Bikes

Amsterdam’s Vanmoof builds some of the best-looking, best-performing e-bikes in the world, and they’ve just unveiled new dark grey versions of their award-winning S5 and A5 models. The S5 step-through and the A5 step-over also benefit from new frames and upgraded motors that provide more power while reducing noise. The 487Wh battery provides up to 93 miles of range and a charge time of six hours. Both bikes get a Boost button to bump torque to 50 lb-ft for quick bursts of speed, LED headlight and taillight built into the frame’s top tube, a torque sensor, and a security system with GPS and Bluetooth tracking. You can pre-order either one (or both) in the new matte grey colorway for deliveries starting in May 2023.

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