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Vagabund Moto “Daily 911” SC 3.0 Coupe

Vagabund Moto “Daily 911” SC 3.0 Coupe

We love the two-wheeled and four-wheeled offerings by the Vagabund Moto shop. Their latest car is about as cool as it gets. The 1980 Porsche 9111 SC gets mechanically worked over, as well as aesthetically. Slathered in black from tip to toe, inside and out, this 911 is both sinister and classic. Important details include a fully serviced air-cooled flat-six engine, overhauled manual transmission, SSI sport exhaust system, refurbed and painted Fuchs wheels, new black leather and grey houndstooth seats, Momo Protipo steering wheel, and a custom-made safari-style roof rack. The fact that they took a car with 115,000 miles on it and made it fresh again is a testament to the fact that these guys love to drive.

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