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This Whiskey Listened to Metallica While It Aged

This Whiskey Listened to Metallica While It Aged

Introducing the headbanging elixir that will make your taste buds thrash with delight: Blackened Whiskey’s 72 Seasons Batch. Blackened Whiskey started several years ago as a collaboration between Metallica and legendary distiller Dave Pickerell. This limited edition release is a symphony of flavors, crafted with the precision and intensity that echoes the iconic band’s music. Quite literally! Blackened Whiskey uses a proprietary process of aging their whiskey while the music of Metallica is blasted through subwoofers. The brainchild of Metallica and master distiller Dave Pickerell, this whiskey is a harmonious fusion of innovation and tradition.

The 72 Seasons Batch is a bold expression, a blend of blend of sourced aged bourbon and rye, that is finished in black brandy casks. And for this particular batch, Metallica’s latest album 72 Seasons was used for the trademarked Black Noise aging process, which involves blasting the barrels with a subwoofer playing music loud enough to agitate the whiskey and increase contact with the wood as it ages. The result is a complex, badass blend sure to please whiskey and metal enthusiasts.

The 72 Seasons whiskey is the third release under the Blackened Whiskey label. For this version of the limited edition release, Metallica tapped Sweet Amber Distilling Co. to helm the process. 72 Seasons is available to purchase now for $65 and is sure to move quickly.

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