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The Field Study Handbook

The Field Study Handbook

Jan Chipchase is a renowned designer, photographer, entrepreneur and researcher that runs the San Francisco-based design consultancy Studio D. He’s taken over two decades of his work and immersive research on everything from Tokyo teens and Afghan arms dealers and turned it into a coffee table tome called The Field Study Handbook. The book is described as a guide “for anyone seeking to understand people across cultures or to inform and inspire design, product, strategy, brand and marketing.” The 500+ page new book is massive and filled with fascinating field studies from Chipchase’s work over the years, along with illustrations from the incredibly talented Lee John Phillips. It’s a bit Malcolm Gladwell, a bit Nathan Drake and a bit untold 99% Invisible stories. In other words, The Field Study Handbook is absolutely going to be something you want to add to your coffee table book collection, but more importantly, read from cover to cover more than once.

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