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The Dune Buggy Is Back. And It’s Electric.

The Dune Buggy Is Back. And It’s Electric.

Very few shapes are as iconic as the classic Dune Buggy and thankfully, it’s been adapted for modern (and more sustainable) times. The Dune Buggy is now electric! Meyers Manx will be offering two options, depending on the battery selected. The first is a 20kWh option with 150 miles of range, while the other is double that with a 40kWh model with 202 hp, 240 lb-ft of torque, and 300 miles of range. The Buggy itself doesn’t hold back on traditional performance features of a vehicle either. It’s equipped with independent rear suspension, front and rear disc brakes with regenerative rear brakes, electric assist steering, knobby off-road tires, and an electric e-brake. But it’s not all speed and performance here, folks. You’re also getting the vintage feel of the vehicle itself. With tweed seats and a dashboard that’s fitted with a round gauge, this Dune Buggy is the perfect marriage of old-meets-new without compromising on the elements that made the original so damn popular. Pre-orders will begin on August 19 with the first sets to begin shipping in 2023.

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