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Tesla J1772 Gen 2 Wall Charger

Tesla J1772 Gen 2 Wall Charger

If you own a Tesla, you have access to the best and most pervasive EV charging network in America, and you can also get a proprietary Tesla Level 2 charger for your home. But now non-Tesla EV owners can rejoice at the release of the Tesla J1772 Gen 2 Wall Charger that uses a standard EV connector. It delivers up to 9.6 kWh of power via a 24-foot cord and J1772 connector. The new wall charger also has multiple power settings can be installed inside your garage or outside your home. EVs and Plug-In Hybrids can make use of this charger, and Power Sharing allows up to four chargers to connect to a single source for multi-vehicle charging.

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