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Super73 Adventure Series

Super73 Adventure Series

California’s Super73 recently dropped news of off-road trims for its e-bikes. The new Adventure Series adds off-pavement capability across three new models thanks to the addition of GRZLY tires, taller fender mounts, grippy seats, and new suspension options. There’s the Z Adventure, S Adventure, and the top-of-the-line R Adventure. The base model Z gets a 750W rear hub motor, an 8-speed gearset that’s been tweaked for better incline capability, a 28 mph top speed with pedal assist, and a removable 615Wh battery for up to 50 miles of Class 1 riding. The S gets a longer seat, off-road fenders in front and back, and 74 miles of range thanks to a 960Wh battery mounted on the downtube for better handling. The R adds adjustable front and rear suspension for even more off-road versatility. All e-bikes get LED lighting, a smart display with navigation, and more controls and info via the companion app. You can order the new Adventure Series e-bikes directly from Super73 on their website now.

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