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Sunlight Cliff 4×4 Adventure Van

Sunlight Cliff 4×4 Adventure Van

The world is full of adventure vans, but few look this good and are outfitted to take on outdoor adventures as well. The Sunlight Cliff 4×4 Adventure Van uses the all-wheel-drive Fiat Ducato van and then adds features like sleeping quarters, eating area, kitchen, toilet, shower, and room for bikes, kayaks, water skis, and whatever else gets you out and about. There’s even a 500 meter rope that pulls you and your watercraft back to shore, and climbing holds replace a standard roof ladder for unique take on getting up top where you’ll find a hammock on telescoping poles. The roof-mounted driving lights, AT tires on beadlock wheels, and urban camo paint job round out the set better than most. Choose among four different configurations.

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