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RepairSmith Brings the Mechanic to You With On-Demand Car Repair

RepairSmith Brings the Mechanic to You With On-Demand Car Repair

As much as we love–and frequently use–the public transportation options in major metropolitan cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston and Seattle, the car remains king when it comes to transportation… especially when it comes to the holidays. 


Yeah, you have to skip the egg nog and the champagne depending on the occasion, but the freedom to get wherever, whenever, regardless of proximity to a regional or national transportation makes traveling by car worth it. But as much as we love the freedom that those same four wheels impart, car maintenance and repair is a giant headache.


But no more! Car maintenance and repair USED to be a source of frustration, but that was before RepairSmith. If you haven’t heard of RepairSmith, they’re the Vanilla Ice of car repairs in that if you have a problem they’ll solve it… and most importantly, they’ll do it without you ever having to move your car out of the driveway.


Yes, you read that correctly. Battery replacement? Done at home. Brake pads? In the driveway. Brake fluid? Same. Hoses? No problem. Oil Change? You don’t even have to put on pants. The same goes for spark plugs, filters, fluids, diagnostics, valves, tune-ups and over 200+ other auto repair services. RepairSmith has certified mechanics that are more than capable of doing it all, and they’ll come to you at your home or office.


Unlike other places you’ve probably dealt with before, RepairSmith also offers honest, upfront pricing. That means you know what you’re getting yourself into before being presented with a six foot long dot-matrix-printed bill filled with a bunch of jargon you can’t decipher, a grand total that will make your eyes roll and a bunch of extra paper pieces you never wanted in your car in the first place. 


In case it hasn’t been hammered home enough already, RepairSmith more than delivers on their promise of “Car Repair Delivered” by replacing the grody repair shop waiting room with stale coffee and bad network television with your own living room, your own coffee and whatever the heck you were already watching on your own TV. Maybe you want to cook a five-course meal while your tires are being rotated. Or prepare an incredible charcuterie board while all your vehicle’s fluids are being changed. Perhaps even remodel the pantry, paint a bedroom or finally pickup all the kid’s LEGOs. You can do any or all of those things while RepairSmith services your vehicles because, again, they come to you.


As if offering hundreds of different services performed by certified technicians that are willing to come to your home or office at an affordable, published price, wasn’t enough, RepairSmith also offers best-in-class, easy online scheduling. Hit up the site on your phone, get a quote, book an appointment and even speak to a specialist in less time than it took you to read this sentence. 


We grew up learning to love doing all our own car maintenance work, but that was before RepairSmith. These days, we’d much rather pick up a remote over a wrench, which is why we trust RepairSmith to make all the mechanical magic and maintenance happen.

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