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Pro.Zui Electric Scooter Concept

Pro.Zui Electric Scooter Concept

Industrial designer Ognjen Docic has introduced the Pro.Zui, a concept for a game-changer modern e-scooter that effortlessly blends classic aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. Crafted for the discerning urban adventurer, this sleek ride is a nod to timeless design while delivering the performance you crave.

The Pro.Zui concept design doesn’t just turn heads with its vintage-inspired looks. Though we are loving the steel components and blacked out frame. The Pro.Zui boasts a range of 74 miles on a single charge, which is more than enough for an urban commuter. Plus, the perforations on the rear of the saddle creates a customizable peg and strap system so you can carry smaller items on your trip. Whether you’re zipping through traffic on your way to work or cruising to the grocery store, the Pro.Zui would bring a touch of style to your daily commute.

Docic doesn’t have any plans to bring the Pro.Zui to life just yet but we’re loving this early concept art and hope to see it in production in the future.

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