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Gogoro CrossOver Scooter

Gogoro CrossOver Scooter

Gogoro is revolutionizing urban mobility with their CrossOver SmartScooter, and they’re not holding back. Dubbed the “two-wheel SUV,” this electric marvel can conquer the most challenging terrains thanks to its impressive 14.2 cm ground clearance and a potent 7.6-kW liquid-cooled motor that serves up a whopping 196 Nm of torque. Plus, say goodbye to chain hassles – the Flo Drive carbon belt is low-maintenance and high-performance. With swappable batteries available at Gogoro’s extensive network of stations, you can enjoy a substantial 150 km range at 30 km/h without breaking a sweat.

The CrossOver isn’t just about power; it’s got brains too. Bluetooth controls, app connectivity, and LTE remote networking make it smarter than your average scooter. The Synchronized Braking System ensures stability and shorter braking distances, while its customizability lets you deck it out with cargo-carrying options, expandable mounting points, and various accessories. The Gogoro CrossOver is the ultimate choice for riders who crave both performance and utility in a rugged, go-anywhere package. Get ready to redefine your daily commute – the two-wheel SUV is here, and it’s a game-changer.

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