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Potential Motors Adventure 1 Electric Camper

Potential Motors Adventure 1 Electric Camper

Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to the convenience of a small camper with big ambitions. Such is the case with the Adventure 1 Electric Camper that’s kinda like if a UTV and a shuttle bus had a baby. The Canadian startup built the Adventure 1 on a tube steel frame with an under-floor battery that provides a low center of gravity and good handling. It has two electric motors for all-wheel drive and a total power output of 604 horses. The robust independent suspension and rugged tires mean it can go off-road. The cabin has an integrated full-sized bed that folds into a waterproof and dustproof compartment. There’s also has seating for four, a deployable Egoe Nest kitchen, water and dry goods storage, a center tablet display, tow hooks, and carriage-style doors that open from the B-pillar out. It’s a camper that can go places larger ones just can’t, there are zero emissions, and the electric power puts other campers to shame. The Adventure 1 is in pre-order phase now, and it will be made in limited numbers.

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