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Polestar 3

Polestar 3

Polestar has yet to become a household name, and it’s not stopping until it is. Next up is the Polestar 3, a model that Polestar calls an “electric performance SUV” that promises excellent efficiency, range (372 miles), and performance. Although the full details have yet to be revealed on the October 3rd, 2022 debut, the profile photo shows a rakish roofline, muscular haunches, and a floating roof that ends with a nice spoiler. The Polestar 3 gets a Smart Panel in the front fascia that cloaks the sensor equipment to keep things clean. Lidar sensors from Luminar will provide autonomous highway driving. There’s also a front-mounted wing to reduce drag, as well as flush door handles. The launch model gets two motors for all-wheel drive traction and performance. This might just be the model that puts Polestar on the EV map.

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