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Polestar 1:1 Concept by Jeroen Claus

Polestar 1:1 Concept by Jeroen Claus

Although it’s only a rendering, the Polestar 1:1 looks pretty legit. The barchetta (“little boat” in Italian) style EV is a single seater with almost no windscreen to speak of, and the look is reminiscent of old-school racing Jaguars but with modernized lines. It uses flax fiber panels to both reduce weight and focus on sustainability. Although composites would have offered exceptional durability, the natural material is an eco-friendlier option. As the name hints, it’s capable of an equivalent power-to-weight ratio. It also gets robust aerodynamic elements, digital instrument panel, racing harness, and an accompanying helmet with integrated head-up display. The concept is meant to harness the best of the digital and analog driving experiences into one vehicle. Will it get built? Probably not.

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