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Peugeot Inception

Peugeot Inception

We bite our knuckles because we won’t see this rakishly handsome EV stateside. The new Peugeot Inception actually showed itself at CES 2023, and it’s all kinds of cool with sharp tail section, a massive windshield that extends down to the floor, capped by an aero bridge in front. It looks like a futuristic muscle car. The Inception also features a full glass panel front fascia with triple-claw headlights peeking through, matching taillights that use visually-deep infinity glass, and wheels that use a recycled polyester resin. The interior is even more dramatic than the exterior. There are angular seats that extend from the floor, a rectangular “Hypersquare” steering wheel that houses touch controls, and a crazy cylindrical screen that rises from the dash and displays the instruments and car-related data. Power comes from two electric motors for a combined 671 horses and a 100 kWh battery with 497 miles range on the Euro WLTP cycle (less for the EPA). That should equate to a 0-62 mph time of less than 3 seconds. The car will also support DC fast charging. Watch for a production version that’s inspired by the Inception sometime in 2025.

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