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Niesmann-Bischoff Arto Luxury RV

Niesmann-Bischoff Arto Luxury RV

The German brand’s third luxury motorhome provides 215 square feet of poshed-out space that includes a large living room, compact kitchen, bathroom, and a truly opulent bedroom. Power comes from a lithium energy setup with two solar modules, three batteries, and a nine-day charger. All of it can be managed via their smartphone app. The body doesn’t look like your typical awkwardly hulking motorhome thanks to its orange, green, blue and carbon gray colorways and handsome front fascia and profile. It also uses glass fiber-reinforced plastic for aesthetics and resilience. The Arto is topped off by massive amounts of storage, Verade-oak furniture and cabinets, a skylight for great views, and what’s known as a “holistic heating” system that optimizes air circulation. We just might sell our home for the Arto (and we’d probably have to in order to pay for it).

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