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Every time we see a ’90s-era Saab 900 or the final Saab 9-5, we shed a few tears. Saabs were so unique, so perfectly unpretentious, and we loved them (except for the GM era, that is). The company was effectively mothballed after changing hands and attempting electrification. The company that ended things after taking over Saab’s factory was NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden). Behind closed doors, they were working on something awesome, and it was called the Emily GT. This prototype (one of six) is up for sale. The purely electric car is powered by a 175-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery routed to four motors that deliver 484 horsepower. Range is an astounding 621 miles. It also gets torque vectoring for optimal handling and dynamics. Its evolutionary styling looks very much like the last 9-5 but even better. Nabbing this one would be a truly special acquisition that would make Tesla owners drool.

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