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Michter’s 25-Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Michter’s 25-Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Michter’s 25-Year Bourbon, a legend among spirits, is back after a three-year hiatus, and this time with a more wallet-friendly price tag of $1,500. This coveted Kentucky whiskey is a rare gem in the bourbon world, standing out with its impressive aging process and a profile that boasts molasses, holiday spice, smoked nuts, chocolate, melted butter, and vanilla. Despite its high ABV of around 116 proof, Michter’s 25 Year surprises with a smoothness that belies its strength.

Aged bourbons of this caliber are a rarity due to the challenges of aging a corn-based spirit in the unpredictable conditions of American rickhouses. Michter’s, with its modern resurrection dating back to the early ‘00s, has not only overcome these challenges but has also earned the prestigious title of “The World’s Most Admired Whiskey.” If you’re eager to secure a bottle of this exceptional bourbon, keep a vigilant eye out, as the $1,500 suggested retail price is likely to spark a frenzy in secondary markets. Visit Michter’s website for more details on this limited and highly sought-after release.

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