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McLaren Celebrates 60th Anniversary with Limited Edition Supercars

McLaren Celebrates 60th Anniversary with Limited Edition Supercars

McLaren is revving up its 60th-anniversary celebrations in high-octane style. To honor their legendary Triple Crown victories at the Indy 500, F1, and Le Mans, they’re offering a range of customization options for the GT, Artura, and 750S models. This tribute collection showcases iconic paint colors such as Indy Orange, Monaco White, and Le Mans Grey, paying homage to the victorious cars that have graced the winner’s circle.

For those craving even more speed-inspired flair, the Triple Crown Stripes can be added to the center of the hood and rear wing, exclusive to the 750S. In addition, you can choose brake caliper hues in the vibrant Indy Blue or the prestigious Le Mans Gold. With options like a “Speedy Kiwi” logo for gloss carbon fiber door mirrors and a painted steering wheel center line marker in eye-catching Indy Orange (available on models with a carbon fiber steering wheel), this limited-time customization opportunity is a thrilling nod to McLaren’s legendary racing heritage. Don’t miss your chance to make your McLaren a true Triple Crown champion.

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