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LOKI Discovery Series Off-Road Campers

LOKI Discovery Series Off-Road Campers

The new LOKI Discovery Series is the brand’s biggest and baddest, essentially turning a work truck into a mobile off-road habitat that’s ready to take on just about anything. LOKI can use one of several donor vehicles to create its beast, ranging from 16 feet all the way to 20 feet. It can sleep up to 6 people and provide high-grade amenities such as a wet bath with a cassette toilet, leather banquette seating, quartz countertops, induction range, microwave, 140-gallon fresh water tank, fridge/freezer, diesel-electric heat, hated floors, Wi-Fi, smart power management, mudroom, LED lighting, etc. Expedition-ready details like exterior LED lighting all-around, bug screens, cargo boxes, outdoor kitchen, air compressor, and even a retractable canopy make the great outdoors very livable, indeed. There’s also solar power, a Lithium power bank, and a 1,000-watt inverter and charger. It’s the whole kit and kaboodle for the ultimate in expedition-level camping, hence the $580k starting price.

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