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Lightyear 0 Solar Car

Lightyear 0 Solar Car

We’ve had solar powered cars for a little while, but they’ve mostly hovered around the prototype or proof-of-concept stage. The Lightyear 0 is among the first offerings we’ve seen that have a whiff of practicality. It can still charge just like a regular electric car, with options for a regular outlet, public chargers, and fast charging. But the real attraction here is how the solar capabilities extend the range of the car. Testing daily solar charging showed the Lightyear 0 gained roughly 70 km of range during normal usage and passive solar charging means the car charges while you’re not using it. Put it all together and that means you could be looking at roughly 11,000 km of driving off clean solar energy alone. It’s a great step into the future of solar vehicles and an encouraging sign of things to come.

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