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Land Rover Range Rover Carbon Baja Racer

Land Rover Range Rover Carbon Baja Racer

Digital artist Khyzyl Saleem is at it again. This time, he’s contributed to Hagerty’s ongoing Rendered series with a monster of a luxury SUV. He took the new and very slick Range Rover and made it very bespoke Mad Maxian with exposed carbon fiber bodywork, hugely flared wheel wells and fenders, pre-runner chassis and suspension, tubular steel framework, and a Dakar Rally-grade roll cage. The beast gets powered by a mid-mounted V10 engine that routes its exhaust out the middle of the freakin’ tailgate. The two-seater places its fuel tank and cooling systems in the back, and totally new front and rear fascias show off redesigned lights. Of course, what would a Baja racer be without huge beadlock wheels and BFGoodrich Baja T/A desert racing tires? In all seriousness, someone needs to build this rendering post haste.

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