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Land Rover Defender “Winter Water Wolf”

Land Rover Defender “Winter Water Wolf”

The original Land Rover Defender is a lot like Chuck Norris. Old, tough as nails, and ugly handsome. Then there’s the Land Rover Winter Water Wolf, kinda like Arctic Special Forces Chuck Norris. Only 50 were ever built, made specifically for Britain’s Royal Marines for amphibious landing operations and brutally cold conditions (as low as -51ºF). The heavily modified Defender could even ford 5 feet of water, and it was designed to be dropped off a landing craft, into the ocean and onto the beach for military assaults. The huge, high-mounted snorkel and tremendous water drainage capability made this possible. This rare model recently went up for auction, and it has only about 3,400 miles on the odometer. The chassis has been fully refurbished, and the paint and panels are pristine. The interior is shockingly good, and even the under-seat heaters work. It also comes with the canvas roof, first aid kit, warning beacon, fire extinguisher, flag poles, MOD-issued torch, and ratchet straps. It’s easily one of the best mil-spec vehicles around, and a true Defender icon.

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