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Lancia Pu+Plus Ra HPE 1

Lancia Pu+Plus Ra HPE 1

The legendary Lancia Stratos HF rally car remains an icon since its debut in 1973. Now, Lancia is paying homage to the Stratos HF with the very modern Pu+Plus Ra HPE 1, but the important design cues remain in an excellent reinterpretation. The steep rake of the windshield, the circular head and taillights, the sleek bodywork, short wheelbase, and big fenders come from the original Stratos and keep the HPE 1 looking like a modern rebirth. However, there is no gas engine in this one. Although there are no details, the HP1 points to production Stratos with a fully electric powertrain that’s supposed to deliver 435 miles of range and rapid charging. The cabin was designed by Cassina and mimics Italian designer homes. The glass canopy showcases the exotic seats, natural fiber carpets, and the circular “tea table” window. We’re not sure what the finished production Stratos will look like, but if this is any indication, we can’t wait.

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