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Jack Daniel’s Coy Hill High Proof Whiskey

Jack Daniel’s Coy Hill High Proof Whiskey

Jack Daniel’s has gone ahead and made the best of a bad situation. While the whiskey brand is well known for producing mass-market spirits, they’ve also dabbled in some seriously impressive small-batch offerings. While bottling their Single Barrel Coy Hill, Jack Daniel’s discovered that too much whiskey had been lost to evaporation, a process dubbed “angel’s share,” to be properly packaged as Single Barrel selections. Instead, Jack Daniel’s has released Coy Hill High Proof Whiskey, a handmade blend of those remaining barrels with scant whiskey. Coy Hill High Proof Whiskey boasts the brand’s highest proof ever released ranging between 71.8% ABV to 77.55% ABV. Packaged in 375ml, Coy Hill High Proof Whiskey delivers complex barrel characteristics and an extremely strong flavor profile. Bottles will only be sold in Tennessee and at Jack Daniel’s White Rabbit Bottle Shop starting July 1, with a suggested MSRP of $55.

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