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Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch 2022 Release

Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch 2022 Release

Four Roses has announced this year’s edition of their annual Limited Edition Small Batch. And like always, this one is a doozy. We’ve long sung the praises of Four Roses Small Batch as one of the best budget bourbons you can buy. But, this limited edition version is a particular challenge to find in the wild. The 2022 batch is a blend of four of the Kentucky distiller’s ten bourbons. Four Roses’ Master Distiller Brent Elliot has chosen a 20-year-old bourbon from the OBSV recipe, a 15-year-old OESK, a 14-year-old OESF, and a 14-year-old OESV. After blending, this bourbon is non-chill filtered and bottled at 109 proof. The resulting whiskey should offer a rich, complex experience with aromas of dark cherries and brown sugar and flavors of baking spices, berries, vanilla, and wood.

Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch 2022 will be available at select liquor stores starting on September 17. In total, there are 14,000 hand-numbered bottles with an MSRP of $180. These bottles will move quickly so mark your calendars.

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