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Ford Mustang GTD

Ford Mustang GTD

Ford is set to reimagine its iconic Mustang with an extreme makeover. The Mustang GTD is ready to take on Europe’s most powerful cars with a sleek, yet aggressive exterior and cushy, futuristic interior.

The Mustang GTD boasts a 5.2L V8 engine producing 800 hp. This street-legal workhorse offers active aerodynamics, a rear-mounted 8-speed dual-clutch transaxle, and a lightweight carbon fiber driveshaft all geared toward offering high-speeds. Inside you’ll find an interior finished with Miko suede, leather, and carbon fiber for a high-end experience as well as Recaro seats, 3D-printed titanium paddle shifts, a rotary dial shifter, and a serial plate.

Buckle up, because the GTD experience isn’t just a drive; it’s a symphony of speed and style that’ll leave you craving more with every twist of the wheel. Ford expects to have the Mustang GTD available for purchase by later 2024/early 2025 for $300,000.

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