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Ever Wanted to Buy the Bar from Cheers? Well, Now You Can

Ever Wanted to Buy the Bar from Cheers? Well, Now You Can

Have you ever wanted to go to a place where everyone knows your name? Well, now you can. And you can own it, too!

The iconic bar from the popular TV show Cheers is now up for sale, giving fans (or anyone with an entrepreneurial mind) a chance to own a bit of TV history. Now this isn’t the brick-and-mortar bar we’re talking about, but the set used by the filming crew during the series’ nine-year run. The set’s previous owner, who had once wanted to open a television museum replete with sets from All in the Family and other hit sitcoms, is selling the bar through an auction house in Dallas. For the lucky auction winner who can shell out six-figures for this set, you’ll be the proud owner of the iconic bar counter in three sections with brass railing, burgundy leatherette barstools, back bar unit, tall, thin wooden set walls, and various set dressing elements and a whole lot of history from one of America’s most successful television shows of the 20th Century.

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