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Dacia Manifesto Concept

Dacia Manifesto Concept

Too bad Dacia doesn’t sell here, especially now that it just unveiled a concept we would kill for. The Manifesto concept is an EV dune buggy/SUV that looks like it could go interplanetary, as well. The Romanian automobile manufacturer created the Manifesto to take owners into the great outdoors with its lack of doors and windshield for the full experience. It also has airless tires that take on rocks and bramble without skipping a beat, and the body panels are made with 29% recycle plastic along with other sustainable materials. The Manifesto also sports Dacia’s new logo that’s illuminated in the front fascia and the B-pillars. Dacia lettering appears as part of the brake light set, as well. The thoroughly modern-looking SUV will show up in real form at the 2022 Paris Motor Show. It might just be time to move Europe despite all of the other reasons not to.

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