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Czinger 21C 3D Printed Hypercar

Czinger 21C 3D Printed Hypercar

The performance numbers of the single-seat Czinger 21C are remarkable. 1,250 hp, zero to 62 mph in 1.9 seconds, and a claimed top speed of 253 mph. It even managed to utterly crush the very quick McLaren P1 for a car track record a the Circuit of the Americas by an astounding six seconds. But the most mindblowing aspect of 21C is the fact that many of the structural pieces were 3D printed. It uses a fixture-less assembly system, meaning there’s no fixture or tooling required to hold pieces in place during the build. Various assemblies can be made without retooling, saving time and money, as well as providing a new manufacturing approach never seen before in the auto industry. That cost savings, however, doesn’t seem to apply to the carbon fiber 21C’s $2 mil price tag.

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