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CAKE Makka Flex Electric Motorbike

CAKE Makka Flex Electric Motorbike

The CAKE Makka Flex Electric Motorbike might not look conventional due to its low-slung and chunky appearance, but it certainly is unique thanks to its commuter-friendly design that provides a low foot platform, removable battery, and cargo capacity. Range is 32 miles on a full charge, and can hit speeds up to 28 mph. The entire motorbike weighs in at only 154 pounds, making it maneuverable and easily stowable. Front and rear fenders, a proprietary suspension system, knobby tires, and disc brakes mean it can handle mild off-road situations and inclement weather. Its intelligent battery management system helps optimize efficiency. LED lights illuminate your path, and a vivid instrument display keeps all data front and center. You can add accessories like windscreens and racks to make it even more daily practical.

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