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Balvenie French Oak 16-Year-Old

Balvenie French Oak 16-Year-Old

Scotland’s beloved The Balvenie Distillery has added a new scotch to its core lineup for the first time in just about a decade. Introducing Balvenie French Oak 16-Year-Old. This latest cask-finished expression is now the second oldest of the lineup and rightfully displays that impressive maturity. The whisky goes through a secondary aging period in Pineau French oak casks. As a result, you can expect a light, vinous finish with plenty of fruit notes like lemon and grapefruit along with some zesty spice characteristics. Considering the age and precision in crafting this scotch, The Balvenie French Oak 16-Year-Old fetches quite a hefty fee. The MSRP is set at about $175 if you’re able to find it but the secondary market is pushing it past the $200 mark.

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