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The Dalmore Luminary Series No. 2 The Rare Scotch Whiskey


Introducing The Rare, the second installment in The Dalmore’s Luminary Series, a masterpiece of collaboration between Master Whisky Maker Gregg Glass and Melodie Leung, director of Zaha Hadid Architects. This extraordinary creation isn’t just about the whisky itself, but the entire experience it delivers. Encased in a bespoke decanter, adorned with a mesmerizing copper glass sculpture, the presentation is a testament to the craftsmanship and artistry involved. Designed to represent the intricate layers of flavor developed over 49 years of aging, it’s a true sensorial journey.

From the first whiff to the lingering finish, The Rare tantalizes the senses with aromas of roasted chestnuts and pears, paving the way for a palate that dances with notes of Madagascan vanilla and luscious berry fruits, culminating in a smoky finale of coffee and almonds. With only three bottles and two sculptures in existence, acquiring this coveted set is akin to owning a piece of liquid history. Anticipation builds as it heads to auction at Sotheby’s in May, with proceeds generously supporting the V&A Dundee museum. Prepare your palate and your bidding hand for an unparalleled whisky experience that’s as rare as it gets.

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