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Async A1 E-Bike

Async A1 E-Bike

Here’s an e-bike Daft Punk might ride. The A1 looks like a futuristic device with wheels added as an afterthought. The minimalist, almost 22nd-century caution horse look consists of a fat top and seat tubes that form a “T” shape, along with a USD front fork and a monoshock rear suspension. The motor, damper, and spring are housed in the seat tube while the battery is in the top tube. The electric motor and companion battery provide speeds all the way to 35 mph, and stopping comes by way of four-piston disc brakes in front and back. The digital gauge display provides speed and charging data, and the app delivers GPS tracking and navigation. The A1 provides 75 miles of range, and the A1 Pro doubles that figure.

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