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Amalgam 1:8 Scale Red Bull Racing Honda RB16B

Amalgam 1:8 Scale Red Bull Racing Honda RB16B

The young Max Verstappen is dominating the F1 circuit this year for Red Bull Racing. He’s a full 80 points ahead of Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, and he seems almost unstoppable. Amalgam pays tribute to Verstappen with a painstakingly recreated 1:8 scale version of the 2021 F1 season Honda RB16B that pitted him against Lewis Hamilton. Amalgam used CAD data provided by Red Bull Racing, master patterns created with 3D printing, and meticulous hand finishing. If you feel that you need to justify the $10k+ price tag, keep in mind that the model took more than 2,500 hours of development work and 250 hours to create and build it. Only 99 will be made, and no, you can’t fit inside.

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