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Aero Build Coast Electric Trailer

Aero Build Coast Electric Trailer

When is a camping trailer also a tiny home? When it’s the Aero Build Coast. Thanks to its airy and multi-faceted interior, the Coast is eminently livable on the inside and quite wonderful to look at. The luxurious digs include sleeping quarters for four, a large living area, full bath, and a big kitchen that comes with a stove, freezer/fridge, a sink, storage, and a must-have deployable bar and wine rack. In terms of its livability, the 100% electric camper has 810Ah of lithium-ion battery power and 1,360W of solar power, along with modern Smeg brand appliances, Firefly Integrations smart home controls, and Starlink Wi-Fi. The question remains as to whether or not you’d ever want to return to the urban sprawl experience you’re stuck in right now.

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