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2025 Cadillac Celestiq

2025 Cadillac Celestiq

Would you pay $300,000 for a Cadillac? Perhaps if it looked like the new Celestiq electric sedan, the lure would be palpable. The new flagship aims to outdo every other luxury EV sedan on the market with handbuilt construction, futuristic styling, and bespoke customization a la Rolls Royce. What you see here is pretty much the production version, which is no doubt even more stunning in the metal. While details are scant, the Celestiq will provide two electric motors, powerful acceleration, all-wheel drive and four-wheel steering. Driving range should be at least 300 miles on a full charge. The interior will showcase a huge 55-inch digital display, a electrochromic panoramic glass roof that’s controllable by seating quadrant, ecologically-sourced open pore wood with LED light perforations, and myriad leather color choices on multiple surfaces including the cargo area. The Celestiq will also have the next-gen version of GM’s excellent Super Cruise hands-free driving technology, which will be called Ultra Cruise. Look for this super-premium Caddy to hit showrooms as a 2025 model.

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