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2023 Rezvani Vengeance

2023 Rezvani Vengeance

If you want protection and serious attention on the road, the Revzani Vengeance offers styling that makes the Lamborghini Urus look like a Toyota Corolla and an optional Bulletproof Military Package with full armored body panels and protective glass. There’s also available night-vision tech, a smoke dispersion system, electromagnetic pulse protection, and even electrified door handles with deadbolts to discourage the unauthorized. Buyers can choose between a V6 turbodiesel or a 690 horsepower V8 engine that drive the beefy 35-inch all-terrain tires shod on ferocious 22-inch black wheels. The cabin, oddly, doesn’t look like a SWAT van. Inside, it’s shockingly comfy with room for seven on full-leather seating and features like a panoramic moonroof, augmented reality navigation, and a head-up display. Now, to find a parking spot wide enough.

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