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2023 Ford GT MkIV

2023 Ford GT MkIV

When Ford puts something together that’s equal parts Tron and Cyberpunk 2077, it’s a good thing. This track-focused (and track-only) Ford GT MkIV is the final version of the model, and it’s so named for the original 1967 GT40 MkII racer. Just like original car, this one gets tons of modifications that include longer bodywork, upgraded suspension, and beefed-up aerodynamic bits. The wheelbase is longer, as is the tail, and the car even gets a new bumper, new hood, and totally different fenders from the street car. Even the full headlight setup has been swapped out for something more minimalist and futuristic. The twin-turbo V6 engine gets a bump in displacement that provides over 800 horsepower on tap. The mill gets mated to a new racing transmission that undoubtedly will shift faster and can handle the added horsepower. Only 67 of these will be made at a cool $1.7mil a pop.

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