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1995 Ferrari F512 M

1995 Ferrari F512 M

The Ferrari Testarossa’s biggest claim to fame probably was taking a starring role in the Miami Vice TV series. This rare 1995 F512 M, however, takes the cake in terms of looks and rarity. It happens to be the final version of the Testarossa and gets clad in beautiful Canna di Fucile (gunmetal grey) instead of Rosso Corsa red. The leather interior is done up in beige leather. Only two of these models were ever built in this colorway among a still pretty scant 75 F512 Ms ever made. The car is powered by a flat-twelve engine that received a 12 hp and 8 lb-ft increase over the standard 512 TR’s 428 hp and 362 lb-ft. It was also lighter, quicker, and faster than the 512 TR and the original Testarossa. This rare Prancing Horse has just 14,150 miles on the odo, and that should help it bring in some serious money from the winning bidder when RM Sotheby’s puts it up for auction in Arizona on January 26th.

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