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1962 Volkswagen ‘Half-Track Fox’ T1

1962 Volkswagen ‘Half-Track Fox’ T1

This VW Bulli isn’t for hippies. It was specially crafted to manage snowy alps as a rugged winter skiing transport. It was heavily modified by its owner, Austrian VW mechanic Kurt Kretzner. Kretzner gave it four axles: two steerable in front and two with chain drive in the rear. Rough tread tires provided traction and were powered by the stock Bulli’s 1,19cc engine. The Fox has since gone through multiple owners including the Porsche Museum. In 2018, it returned home to VW and was restored to its original glory in blistering matte orange. All of the mechanics were reworked, and the interior received new wood trim and tool holders. Needless to say, it is the coolest VW van we’ve ever laid eyes on.

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