If you can’t duck it… well you know the rest. Duct Tape has many obvious uses – like reattaching your rear view mirror or patching your ripped up sofa, but apparently some people use it to create artwork. As if that weren’t shocking enough it comes in colors other than silver! Who knew? Stick It! 99 DIY Duct Tape Projects shows off a ton of amazing uses for duct tape beyond typical home improvement uses, including how to make cool wallets, bags and maybe even some jewelry for that quirky hipster chick you’ve been meaning to ask out.

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 You can’t have a fall evening without a fire. And you can’t have a fire without a Cowboy Cauldron. They’re built from solid plate steel, meaning they’ll last a lifetime or two and they come in four different sizes with elevated basins that can be adjusted to any height. We’re going with The Urbaan Cowboy® because it’s perfect for entertaining at home.  With a 30″ diameter basin, it is more than large enough to have a nice fire, but still small enough to pack into a pickup truck and take it with you.  Can you imagine the envy when we bust this puppy out at a tailgate or the beach? We haven’t seen a more handsome fire. You?  Best of all, Cool Material readers get an exclusive deal.